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LASIK for Young Adults - Is it Worth It?

Monday, July 25, 2016

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LASIK surgery in Destin is one of the most sought after eye procedures among middle aged adults and older adults in the area because of the efficient and excellent results. LASIK requires an eye examination for every patient, ensuring that there are no existing conditions that could affect the outcome of the procedure. One of the factors assessed by Dr. Charles Williamson, ophthalmologist at Wells Vision and Laser Eye Center, is the patient’s age. The patients must be 18 years and above to qualify as a candidate for LASIK surgery.
Since people who qualify for LASIK include mostly millennials, many are curious if there are any differences if the surgery is done in early adulthood than having it as a middle aged adult. Through a comprehensive eye exam, candidacy for LASIK would be determined and any contraindications would be detected. The question that young adults pose today is: is it worth it to undergo LASIK at our age?
Minimize Wearing of Contacts and Eyeglasses

Eye strain is a common discomfort for working people, especially the millennials, because they work more closely with computers and modern technology. Many would not take a second look at LASIK surgery in Florida because their eyesight seems okay for now. However, our eyesight may degrade as time passes by, and investing in vision correction at an early age would save a lot of money in the long run. LASIK is the answer to young adult’s queries on refractive errors, and they would surely enjoy their day to day activities minus their contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Enjoy Fitness and Sports More

A lot of millennials are health buffs and fitness enthusiasts, yet one could not enjoy sports and other physical fitness activities if they are more afraid of losing their contact lenses or breaking their glasses. Investing in LASIK would mean that you can work out or play sports even without your contacts or glasses, removing a big hassle from your active lifestyle.

Trusted and Safe Laser Eye Correction

Technology has managed to improve LASIK even more, creating a safe and trusted refractive laser eye surgery for the people of Emerald Coast. The risks were reduced, and benefits of LASIK are adding up as the procedure continues to become a popular eye procedure. While contact lenses could cause dry eyes, infection, and allergies and glasses could limit your ability to keep up with an active lifestyle, LASIK could remove all these worries for you in just a few minutes of surgery.

Save Money in the Long Run

Contact lenses and eyeglasses need to be updated every now and then, which could cost a lot if you add them all up. Many think that undergoing LASIK is expensive, yet when you look at the long term situation, LASIK is just a one-time cost while contacts and glasses would need to be checked and replaced every three months or so. Investing in LASIK could save you loads of money that you can use on your other needs and make you enjoy your life even more.

Young adults have access to everything, especially to improving their health. Age may be just a number, but our eyes need to be taken care of meticulously to fully enjoy the beauty of life. For LASIK surgery and other queries on LASIK and eye care, feel free to contact Wells Vision and Laser Eye Center, and start making a difference for your future through your eyes.


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