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We are excited to offer the technology to assess your night vision. We now offer the Marco HD Eye Exam™ so that your refraction experience will be as different as night and day. Using the latest wavefront technology we will be performing a Custom Wavefront Refraction™ to instantly assess your vision. Our high definition exam allows us to show you what a headlight will look like to you without correction and how we can help bring your night vision into focus.

 Marco HD Eye Exam

We offer this high definition eye exam to all of our patients. The HD eye exam allows us to perform refractions in a matter of minutes, automatically comparing your current prescription to your new prescription, and instantly assessing day and night vision. The Marco HD Eye Exam™ with Custom Wavefront Refraction™ provides us with a complete picture of your cornea. Since we use highly sophisticated technology to diagnose your vision we are able to see how your vision changes by observing the changes in your pupil between day and night.

Although this high level of technology is not available in every practitioner’s office, we feel an obligation to offer the best available care to our patients. Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can, and The Marco HD Eye Exam™ with Custom Wavefront Refraction™ helps us do the job.

The difference in our refractions to you will be night and day. Contact Wells Vision and Laser Eye Center today to schedule your appointment.