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John Pike

"Dr. Wells uses the latest state of the art equipment to examine eyes and diagnose vision and any weaknesses or problems. He is efficient in treating any problems and is very personable. His staff is friendly and professional. They are very helpful and make every effort to schedule appointments as quickly as possible. Peggy and I have been patients for over a year now and Peggy has had a couple problems that he has diagnosed and resolved for her. We trust his judgment and look forward to annual check-ups with him."


Susan Lorenz

"I had the best experience at Wells Vision and Laser Eye clinic. Everyone was professional and kind. State of the art equipment for the most accurate eye exam. I had the Laser eye treatment two weeks ago and other than a few days of mild discomfort ( no pain) I have excellent vision and great results. Dr.Wells and Williamson are both experts in their field. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for any vision needs that I would have. Oh, and they also have a great selection of sunglasses..I'll definitley be back"


Julie White

"I selected Dr. Wells after searching for an office where I could receive a variety of services, if needed. I was extremely pleased with my appointment. The entire staff was efficient, polite and actually helped in the selection of my glasses. Dr. Wells has state-of-the-art equipment and my appointment was thorough and fast. I loved the large variety of styles of eyewear. I would definitely recommend Wells Vision and Laser Eye Center!!"


Jon Bauer

"I had a difficult time getting a new set of contacts. I am extremely nearsighted and also have astigmatism. I was impressed that Dr. Wells stuck with me and wasn't satisfied until I was! He has state of the art equipment and a fantastic staff! Sam is a real gem! Dr. Wells is low-key and a real techie at heart. I'm very happy that I found his clinic."


Kimberlee Gardner

"Dr. Wells and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel like the most important patient. I had LASIK there a few weeks back and Dr. Williamson was kind, talented and comforting during the procedure. I can't thank Wells Vision enough, they are the best and I would recommend them to anyone."