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iLASIK, a huge advancement in LASIK surgery, is quickly becoming the standard in laser vision correction. At Wells Vision, we are proud to offer this revolutionary technology to our LASIK patients in Destin, FL. iLASIK represents the pinnacle of bladeless, fully customizable laser vision correction surgery, and is a top-notch LASIK solution.


What is iLASIK?

iLASIK combines three well-known components of bladeless LASIK into one machine! The iLASIK suite combines WaveScan technology, the IntraLase femtosecond laser, and the Advanced CustomVue excimer laser to make a LASIK suite that is extremely efficient and effective.

The key differences between previous forms of bladeless LASIK and iLASIK involve the level of customization. iLASIK offers doctors the ability to provide fully customized results using WaveScan technology to create a digital 3D map of the eye. The information from the map then lets the doctor know the exact area that needs to be treated with the laser. iLASIK is 100% blade-free, customized, safe, effective and virtually painless.

iLASIK does many amazing things, one of which being its inclusiveness. Since iLASIK targets a specific area of treatment, iLASIK is now much safer for patients who previously were not LASIK candidates. While there are still certain people who will not be able to undergo LASIK, iLASIK has broadened the spectrum of people who can get LASIK!

The Procedure

The iLASIK procedure itself is almost identical to that of bladeless LASIK, with only a few changes. Your doctor at Wells Vision will start by using the WaveScan to visualize a detailed map of the surface of the eye, known as the cornea. This map will provide the measurements needed for customization. Next, a customized corneal “flap” is created on the surface of the cornea using the IntraLase laser, which is then lifted back to expose the inner layers of the cornea. In the third step, the inner layers of your cornea are adjusted using the CustomVue excimer laser.

If you are interested in the most advanced form of LASIK surgery yet, call Wells Vision for your iLASIK consultation today! iLASIK surgery is fast, safe and extremely effective! What are you waiting for? Make your appointment at Wells Vision in Destin, FL today.