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LASIK Eye SurgeryWells Laser and Vision Center is proud to offer the Emerald Coast the Abbott VISX S4 with Iris Registration.                                                  

The VISX STAR platform’s heritage of dependability and performance is well known. The STAR S4 from VISX has taken that reputation to an even higher level. Our latest excimer laser system represents the most advanced laser technology platform available today. Integrating data collected by the WaveScan WaveFront System, the STAR S4 with Iris Registration utilizes these exclusive VISX technologies to deliver precision custom ablations:

For more detailed information about the VISX STAR S4 laser please contact us today.

Proven 5th Generation Femtosecond Technology: The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser

All of our femtosecond expertise culminates in our 5th-generation iFS Laser. The iFS Laser gives surgeons greater control for maximum customization — providing an indispensable tool for LASIK and beyond. With nearly 4 million procedures performed to date, IntraLase Technology is the femtosecond technology of choice. The iFS Laser delivers:

Enhanced Flap Customization

The iFS Laser’s software design allows surgeons a greater ability to customize the corneal flap.

Flap Architecture Innovations

The iFS Laser brings two major innovations in flap architecture: the inverted bevel-in side cut and elliptical-shaped flaps. When combined with a faster repetition rate and tighter spot/line separation, our 5th-generation iFS Laser is a versatile tool that preserves corneal innervation and allows post-operative healing by creating a biomechanically stable corneal flap.

The iFS Laser’s inverted bevel-in side cut capabilities yield:

The ability to produce elliptical flaps:

Greater Biomechanical Stability, Smoother Stromal Beds and Faster Visual Recovery

The iFS Laser provides the ideal combination of advantages: minimal disruption of corneal architecture, fewer possible complications, and smoother stromal beds, plus faster visual recovery.

Customized Corneal Capabilities

IntraLase Technology brings advanced corneal options within reach, including intrastromal ring implantation and channels*, IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty. With the iFS Laser, surgeons have the ability to create accurate, reproducible incisions in an almost limitless range of shapes and patterns.

IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty

IntraLase Technology is the first in the world used to create innovative-shaped corneal incisions for full-thickness corneal transplants.

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